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• Sunday 3:00pm - Worship
• Sunday 4:15pm - Bible Class
*Prayer Service every 1st Sunday of the month

• Wednesday 7:00pm - Bible Class
*Singing Night every 1st Wednesday following the Prayer Service

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**Gospel Meeting This Week**

Please come and join us for our Gospel Meeting with Brent Willey!

Truth - Does it Matter?

  • Does it make sense to believe in God?
  • Does the Bible contain Truth?
  • Does everyone go to Heaven when they die?
  • Does sin exist?
  • Does it matter how I worship God?

Join us as we Search for Truth!

Wednesday, October 22nd - Friday October 24th at 7:00PM

Saturday, October 25th at 10:00AM & 11:00AM

Sunday, October 26th at 3:00PM & 4:15PM

Searching for Truth

Truth, does it matter?

Are you Searching for Truth?

Please join us as we Search for Truth

Gospel Meeting Information Flyer

Wednesday October 22 2014

Old Testament: Jer 4-5 Jer 4-5

(Daily Reading, ESV)